Realbook preset – the best book rig for C4D

Real Book


In the following links you will find two videos, without audio, illustrating the functionality of my book rig preset.

Realbook V.2 – available

Now (25 August 2015) the Realbook V.2 is available, so I added the follow demo video that explains the new features:

Realbook V.2.1 – upgrade

A little but very important upgrade for the Realbook preset.

New features in Realbook V.2.1:
Torsion control added to each page for much more control.
These values are cumulative to those in the main Control Tab.

Realbook V.2.2 – upgrade

Real Book V.2.2 is available.
With this version it is possible to use a mograph multi-shader, so now you can add textures at once to all the pages. Once for the front and once for the back of the pages.
Since this version it is required the Mograph module, but the multi-shade works only with R13 and above. For those who haven’t the mograph the version 2.1 is included in the archive file.
Another modification was done: now the base of the spine is automatically disabled when the hardcover is enabled.

Realbook V.2.3 – upgrade

Real Book V.2.3 is available.


Now with the new version of Realbook it is possible to adjust the start angle of the pages when the book is opened. Take a look to the following video.

Realbook V.2.4 – upgrade

Real Book V.2.4 is available.
New features in Realbook V.2.4:
 • Bending Spine: sets the amount of the spine bending.
• You can choose the direction of the Bending: the Book mode or the Magazine mode.
Take a look to the following video.

Some useful link:

Realbook v.2.2 – hardcover quick tip

Realbook V.2.2 – “Pop-up”

Realbook V.2.4 – Curved Spine (Quick Tip)

Realbook with custom pages