RGB LCD Panel – Free Preset

My RGB LCD Panel preset is here.
It is an XPresso setup that works for standard render in Cinema 4D but it is possible to adapt it to any kind of render engine, I think.

Please note that the pixels in this preset are always squared.
The parameters are the follows:

Horizontal Dimension = sets the horizontal size of the panel
Texture File = here you have to insert your file (picture or movie)
Horizontal Pixels = sets the number of horizontal pixels
Vertical Pixels = sets the number of vertical pixels

Subpixel Dimension
Subpixel – Width = sets the maximum sub pixel width in percentage
Subpixel – Height = sets the maximum sub pixel height in percentage

Brightness = sets the brightness of the pixels

In this gif you can see 3 different resolution: 24 x 14, 72 x 42, 216 x 126

Hope this preset could be useful for your future works.


2 thoughts on “RGB LCD Panel – Free Preset

  1. Thank you for the preset! I do seem to encounter a problem when trying to add a picture to the texture tab. When I render the image, all I can see is RGB pixels not showing any image on the LED screen. Is there any plug-in needed for this or is this problem coming from something else?

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