Realbook with custom pages

If you need a book with a custom pages, for example with rounded corners or with thickness and so on, just follow these steps:



Go to the Layer Manager and make the hidden layer visible.


Create your own geometry for the page (with rounded corner, with thickness, …)  and make it child of the Piano geometry. Adjust the position and the dimension (depend on your poligon).
3. Now disable the Piano geometry.
4. Return on the Layer Manager and hide the layer again.
5. Duplicate the page.
6. Finish.

How To Concatenate Two Bend Deformers

With this tutorial that I prefer to call exercise I hope to give you the opportunity to explore a topic often poorly treated:
The Matrix (not the movie)
The prerequisites are a minimum of knowledge of trigonometry, a little bit of geometry and XPresso. It is not for all, but trust me, it is a simple task.
Since I have received some requests on how to concatenate the Bend Deformer automatically I planned on doing this exercise by providing the project file, so you can see everything in detail without having to write anything.  But it would be more interesting to redo from scratch all the things.

Demo video:

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