My C4D Preset Contest

C4D Presets Contest

Hi all,

Today I was thinking (sometimes it happens) to make a contest to give the opportunity to get one of my preset…. Ok, here it is! Hoping that someone want to partecipate obviously.

Leave a comment in this blog with a link to your original work (either image or video) that should have a theme of the preset you prefer (Plasma Ball, Graph Maker, Bee and Frog). I will choose three works that I prefer. The three user, that I will choose, will receive the chosen preset in the theme. I want to specify that what I’ll choose is what I prefer, and not necessarily it will corresponds to the best work. So I want to apologize if someone may have a different opinion.



I think 10 days is enough for spread out the contest. The time limit for posting works (one for user) will be set in the coming days. If you are interested to this contest and you would like to partecipate leave a comment below.

Help me to spread out this contest and I’ll say you THANKS!

5 thoughts on “My C4D Preset Contest

  1. Ciao Giani, auguri per tuo lavoro! Sei bravíssimo! Io ho provato riuscire lo stesso effect in cinema 4D ma senza usare spresso. Un pecatto che non si puoi fare un render con il glow dentro della esfera di vetro. Non bisogno dire, ma é claro che preferisco il preset de plasma ball. Grazie, Fabio.

    • Grazie mille Fabio!
      In realtà è sempre possibile aggiungere un effetto glow da C4D, ma il risultato a me non piace. Sarebbe meglio farlo in post produzione, ad esempio con After Effects dove si può controllare molto meglio.

      Thank you Fabio!
      Although it is always possible to add a glow effect in C4D, but I do not like the result. It would be better to do it in post-production, with After Effects for example, where you can control it a lot better.

    • At this point I think to give you one of the presets. The contest is gone, but I want to give a gift to you. Let me know what is the preset you prefer and I’ll send you an email with the link.

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